Razor Ribbon Tapes

Reinforced Barbed Tapes combine strength with ultimate Effectiveness of Barbed Tape Obstacles These are fabricated from galvanized steel, Which is cold clenched around a high tensile steel core wire. This gives the finished product a spring quality in the barbed coils. A flange is left in the throat area between barbs to provide 2 times the resistance to cutting than a flangless reinforced product.

Barriers are recommended for security in industrial and commercial applications. The latest innovation in barriers for ultimate security is the reinforced flanged version of barbed tape, which makes it strong and also long lasting high quality razor ribbon tapes are available in helical coils.

Areas of Applications

Most suitable for prisons, nuclear installations, airports, ports, castles & farm houses, refineries, power plants, remote area installations, national parks and wherever high perimeter security is required, with transparency.


The length of the razor ribbon tape helical coil depends on the attachment spacing of the coil, assured from loop to loop, instead of from clip or weld attachments as in the case of concertinas. Helical coils are usually installed with two points of attachments, one at the fence fabric and another at a top strand of barbed wire. This is done to ensure that the spreading of loops does not take place.


The manufacturer recommends that all razor RIBBON BARBED TAPE MATERIAL on fences or walls have a minimum height of 7 feet or 2.132 meters. The material shall be installaled in such a manner as to avoid any and all contact by pedestrian traffic. It shall also present an open, obvious and highly visible condition of DANGER. RAZOR RIBBON BARBED TAPE MATERIALS are not recommended for use in any residential areas. The company accepts no responsibility whatsoever for accidents caused as a result of using this products.

High Performance Features

Highest Security With Total Transparency
Lethal for tresspassers / intruders
Reduces pressure on security personnel
Better than pre-galvanized / razor ribbon
0.80 oz / sq. Ft. Zinc coating
Hot-dipped galvanized after process ensures complete protection of the entire surface from rust
Available in 0 18 coils, 5 coils per box.
Available also as colour coated over the galvanized coating
Also available in ss430

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