Ms Expanded Metal:

Expanded Metal has bought revolutionary changes in the technique of constructional works of a diversified nature, both in the field of industrial and household fittings. Free from joints and links, expanded metal is one of the strongest meshwork.

Expanded Metal is an extremely useful material, having a remarkable high quality of strength and toughness as it is made from sheet metal into a mass of meshwork with no joints, welds or any artificial connections,but just one continuous piece of material which makes it quite tensile and dependable. It can be put into any kind of use either protective or decorative in different constructional work. It is strong, rigid and light in weight and above all is perfectly smooth and free from burrs and most suitable for products designs and improvements.

Expanded Metal Products have gained popularity because they are made rust-proof i.e acquired by anticorrosive coating as well as by Zinc Galvanizing. It adds charm and distiction to furnishings in home and offices for interior decorations or at any different place. It has a wide range of application in industrial products and designs because of its practical utility in a distinctive manner.

Expanded Metal can be produced from 1 mm. to 100 mm in shortway mesh size and 2mm to 250 mm in longway mesh size with extremely fine finish. Decorative special meshes, which are different in latest methods, from usual diamond mesh, have substantial use.


1. Item required for ONGC fencing & other partition purpose.
2. For making durable & economic rack/shelf.
3. For making free guards.

Manufactured from CRCA/Galv.sheet up to 3mm.
3'' SWM. With 8'' LWM in 8G
Available from ¼'' to 3'' SWM with ½'' to 8''LWM from 26Gto 8G.

Click Here for Properties And Dimensions Of Expanded Metal Sheets

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